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We need Sponsorship!

More local businesses are needed to cover the cost of this website. Please call the office, (918) 423-0810, for more information about reaching your fellow parishioners with a sponsorship, 

Business Directory:

Our Parish receives all website services at no charge because of the generosity of these businesses.

What does St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Receive?

  • A professional, custom built website with reliable hosting
  • Personal training for staff and volunteers to learn how to edit the website
  • Unlimited support from an excellent website design company

What does your business receive?

  • A banner ad linked to your website, or any other page on the internet
  • Access to customers in your immediate geographic area
  • Positive association by being affiliated with the church

Please call the office, (918) 423-0810, for additional information about how you can help our Parish by becoming a sponsor.